1. house-under-a-rock:

    Brittany Griffith on Only After Dark (6c, 5.11c), Cinema Paradisio, San Vito, Sicily

    photo: Andrew Burr

  2. cantstopwontstopp-:

    Hazel Findley @ Reel Rock 8

  3. rab:

    Jamie Finlayson wokring Dreamcatcher (5.14d), Squamish

    (Source: jamiefinlayson.weebly.com, via rab)

  4. "Focus" Some photos I took of Ivonne climbing the crux of the route “La Enamorada” 10c local crag, Hermosillo, Sonora, México

  5. Barbara raudner.

  6. ninjatengu:

    Emily Harrington climbing in China.

    Photo by Rocker Wang

  8. lust4mtns:

    The Angler by osumm on Flickr.

  10. camppfire:

    My favorite day of rock climbing

  11. flasktheory:

    Catherine Destivelle, watch this if you don’t know who that is. Total babe!

  12. Tuzgle Full Movie

  13. Lisa on the Colorado River

  14. journeyofself:

    Tobermory, 2013

    (Source: bouldercat)

  15. prrdylady:

    Slab climbing and down turn shoes is probably the worst thing ever.
    Elephant Man Corridor V1